London Stations of the Cross Walk

31st Mar 2022

As part of the Catholic tradition during Lent, many Catholics participate in a special church service called the 'Stations of the Cross' which involves focussing on and reflecting on Christ's final journey before he was crucified. Normally these are done in a church where there are fourteen murals of that journey placed around a church which the congregation turn to as each is focussed on. However, the children of St Helen's and St Joachim's  decided to take this journey to a literal sense by travelling by foot to ten different churches across London. This journey was in keeping with the theme of the year, 'Pilgrimages'; a holy journey. 

Sixty children from both schools set off on this journey stating in Farringdon and ending up in Mayfair. Among the ten churches they visited, included the oldest Catholic church in England, St Ethelreda's,  which has magnificent stained glass windows of different biblical stories as well as statues of the many English Martyrs. We also visited The Church of the Immaculate Conception in Mayfair which apart from being stunning also has a wonderful number of sculptures including a homeless Jesus statue. We also got to visit the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Family in Exile. The church was adorned with blue and yellow ribbons, and as well as saying the Station of the Cross prayers, we also prayed for peace between Ukraine and Russia. 

It was a beautiful pilgrimage and we all enjoyed a picnic together in Soho Square just outside of St Patrick's Catholic Church. It was a journey with a purpose and one to remember.