Mini Vinnies Sleepover

29th Jun 2022

On Friday 17th of June the St Joachim’s  Mini Vinnies took part in a sleepover in the school to help them understand a little bit about homelssness and how much of an issue it is in today's society. They used this opportunity to raise money for Caritas Anchor House. They took part in a quiz which taught them some staggering facts about homelessness.  Did you know that 300,000 people in the UK have nowhere to call home? This is enough to fill 2500 double decker buses. They enjoyed a meal of soup and bread while thinking about all the things that make a house a home. They ended the night in a period of quiet reflection and thought about the important role St Joseph plays in the bible. Pope Francis has a statue of St Joseph sleeping on his table. When he has a problem or a difficulty Pope Francis will write a note and put it under St Joseph so that he can dream about it. He askes St Joseph to pray for that problem. This is exactly what our Mini Vinnies did. They made their own sleeping St Joseph images and wrote any worries, concerns or any requests for prayers they might have and put them under St Joseph’s pillow. The children then got all tucked up and went to sleep leaving their prayers for St Joseph to dream about.