• St Helen's Happy Days Video

    We invite you to learn more about St Helen’s by watching their video showing all aspects of school life, promoting the broad and balanced curriculum and very happy children.
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  • Back to School

    St Francis’ featured on Sky News, welcoming children back to school on 8 th  March.  The news items highlights the love children have for school, the value of friendship and the safety of our schools.
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  • Headteachers' Meeting

    During the COVID lockdown, the Headteachers across the Trust have continued to meet to via zoom to ensure all the children across the Trust have access to remote learning and to plan for a safe return for all pupils. Headteachers have been involved in appointing new catering contractors and from April 2021 and have continued to consider ways that our pupils can learn together.
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  • The Sound of Musicals – Festival of Voices

    After months of hard work, both St Helen's Year 5 and St Joachim's Year 4 took part in the Festival of Voices with four other schools, at the Hackney Empire. The children had been learning for months a repertoire of famous musical songs. This was the 17th Festival of Voices but the first one in two years after the pandemic. Apart from singing the many group songs such as the overture to the Sound of Music, both schools sang two individual songs.
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